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Small Savings Can Help You Achieve Your Bigger Dreams

Kanagala Investment Services

How Mutual funds Can Create Wealth?

What are your investment goals?

We will match you with a loan program that meet your financial need.

Create Wealth

You may be a conservative / agreesive investor, we had plans to create your wealth.

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Child Education / Protection

Generate a long term capital appreciation for your child's education or to meet their goals.

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Save Tax

Grow your money and save tax at same time. We had a bunch of tax saving funds.

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Create Stable Income

Don't be a victim of uncertinity in our lifes. Invest smart and create your own income.

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Plan Your Retirement

Start investing today to enjoy a hasle free post retirement life. A Small savings can yield you bigger returns.

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Manage Idle Cash

Why loose appreciation of your idle cash? Lets park them in liquid funds for few days.

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Start Early - Invest Wisely

Investing can be a great way to get more from your money,

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